Independence and Control

TSYS Non Profit Entities are operated in an almost entirely independent manner from TSYS For Profit.

They shall not share any directors, officers, or funding sources (outside of both potentially pursuing grants from the US Government and potentially other entities that may offer funding to both for profit and non profit entities).

TSYS For Profit may donate to TSYS Non Profit, but in no case will that give it special rights, privileges, etc different from any donor.

In the interest of full disclosure, the TSYS Group Management Co provides and pays for the IT infrastructure hosting and services used by TSYS Non Profit Entities on the same basis as provided to the other parts of the group. Nothing is expected or provided to TSYS Group Management Co in return for covering these nominal overhead related expenses.

TSYS Group Management Co pays overhead expenses for the entire group as follows (numbers are approximate from memory):

  • Hosting and internet expenses (monthly):
    • $75.00 for OVH dedi
    • $100.00 for HQ internet connectivity
    • $20.00 for
  • 100.00 per year or PO BOX
  • 65.00 per year for Safety Deposit box
  • 100.00 per year for domains